We’ve implemented business service management more than anyone. What we’ve found is that our customers typically approach TKG using one or or of the following starting points:

End-to-End Management – Complete control of the IT infrastructure has always been a daunting, resource-intensive task. This Initiative focuses on consolidating, monitoring, and managing enterprise system management (ESM) data in real-time through a single console.
End-User Performance – Using a stopwatch to understand end-user performance simply doesn’t cut it anymore. This Initiative lets companies manage end-user performance from an end-user’s perspective leveraging TKG to find and fix performance and availability issues before they’re reported by end-users.
Measuring IT Impact on the Business – Understanding how IT impacts bottom-line business is an important issue. This Initiative focuses on integrating IT and business metric information (revenue, inventory, etc.) to understand how IT affects business unit performance.
Service Level Management – SLM allows companies to monitor, measure, and report on IT’s success in meeting its commitments to the business. This Initiative leveages new TGK technology that allows companies to effectively define, monitor in real-time, and actually prevent service level compliance issues before they occur.

Our solutions are built around these compelling Initiatives, bringing together the software, services and methodologies that make sense for each project.